The organization of the Miss competition dates back to ancient times. This event has undergone several evolutions over time until reaching the current stage where certain States or competitions have their own standards.

Burundi organized the Miss competition for the first time in December 2008. Several Miss Burundi editions have already been organized. Young girls from all provinces of the country and from different social and ethnic strata participated. However, no candidate from the Batwa ethnic group has been observed so far. Considering that the winner of the Miss Burundi competition receives a gold prize including a prestigious protocol rank for a whole year and without however considering other opportunities for socio-economic development linked to this title. Noting this lack of participation of young Batwa girls, Mr. Félicien MININI NSENGIYUMVA, General Administrator of the Femidejabat Foundation, questioned the issues that prevent the very beautiful, kind and intelligent young Batwa girls from participating in this event full of good opportunities. In his wish to one day see a Miss Burundi of the Twa ethnic group, he contacted the Executive Committee of the Femidejabat Foundation to analyze the feasibility of organizing a Miss Competition among the Batwa girls of Burundi to raise their awareness and supervise them in order to to encourage them to take part in this cultural and historical event. It is with this in mind that the “MISS INAKARANGA” Competition project was born in October 2018.

The overall objective of the project was to find a young girl from the Twa ethnic group or several who can participate in the Miss Burundi Competition.

In 2020, a “Miss competition” was organized in the province of Kayanza in which, for the first time, Batwa girls were encouraged to participate thanks to the Femidejabat Foundation (FOFE), thus breaking all the prejudices of yesteryear . Néilla Mutoniwimana, one of these Batwa girls helped via this Miss INAKARANGA project, won hands down the recent Miss Kayanza 2020 competition.

She was supported and closely monitored for the realization of her projects by our foundation. She was recently chosen, in 2022, to participate in the training that took place in the United Republic of Tanzania on human rights.

Pour l’année de 2023, la Fondation Femidejabat a pris l’engagement de soutenir une autre fille autochtone dans le concours Miss BURUNDI 2023. Elle s’appelle Ricky Tricia Uwera, native de la province de Kirundo. Contre toute attente, Tricia a gravi tous les échelons de sélection et s’est finalement retrouvée en finale. Au cours de cette compétition dont les cérémonies ont été rehaussée par la présence de la Première Dame de la République du Burundi, son Excellence Angélique Ndayishimiye, Ricky Tricia Uwera a étonné bien de mondes en remportant la place de Miss Populaire. 



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